Restore Movement and Functionality with Orthopedic Surgery

Don't let musculoskeletal injuries or diseases keep you from an active lifestyle. If you want pain-free mobility from head to toe, consider orthopedic surgery by a Pinnacle doctor. Orthopedic surgery can fix any sprains, strains, stresses, separations and tears that result from injuries or illness.

You Can Be Pain-Free

From painful sports-related injuries to debilitating degenerative joint disease, Pinnacle Medical Group's Orthopedic Surgery Clinic provides high-quality, expert care to restore your health and mobility as quickly as possible. Our board-certified physicians and surgeons use the most advanced medical, rehabilitative and surgical protocols to restore functionality in ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, joints and nerves. We provide you with a full menu of comprehensive, orthopedic services.

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tests. Our diagnostic tests include MRIs, CT scans, bone and DEXA scans and detailed tomograms.
  • Repair and Rehabilitation. Orthopedic care includes the repair and rehabilitation of fractures, joint abnormalities, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions.
  • Arthroscopy and Surgical Procedures. Arthroscopy is a surgical process for most sports-related injuries that involves the diagnosis and treatment of inner-joint problems. Our orthopedic surgery physicians perform other advanced surgical procedures for knee, hip and joint repair.
  • Exceptional facilities
  • Comprehensive patient education and self-care instruction