Raising The Health Care Standard For You And Your Family

Your health and your family's health matters. Choose Pinnacle Medical Group when you need reliable medical care. Founded in 1998 in Bradenton, Florida, by a leading group of physicians and medical care professionals, Pinnacle Medical Group makes a healthy difference in the community we serve.

Our team of more than 100 health care professionals and staff are united by our commitment to compassionate quality health care. It's our philosophy that the best medical care is achieved when practitioners work cohesively to improve the lives of each patient. We encourage every patient at Pinnacle Medical Group to take an active role in his or her health care.

Making health a priority one patient at a time

Commitment: Our commitment is to give you and your family the highest level of medical service. We truly care about the condition of your health. Our goal as a premier Florida medical group is to ensure your optimal well-being now and in the years ahead.

Compassion: We take the time to listen, answer questions, and show empathy and respect to each patient who needs medical services. Every professional at Pinnacle Medical Group strives to meet or exceed the medical needs of you and your family and to develop a lifelong relationship that promotes optimal health and well-being.

Quality Care: You can expect quality care from our physicians. Our professional team of respected medical professionals has particular experience and insight to deliver the highest quality care. We are pleased to offer unsurpassed health care at our state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technologies and advanced medical treatments.

Pinnacle Medical Group: Mission Statement

Pinnacle Medical Group is a compassionate healthcare team committed to the best in comprehensive quality medical care.